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Body Jewelry is an imitation resembling with diamond which are used in cheap jewelries and to decorate clothes. The rhinestone beads are usually designed in a variety of shapes which allow the buyers to have crafts projects which look distinct. Though the shapes of the beads are limited by the imagination of a designer, a number of popular bead shapes are readily available in the market for the customers. Depending on the taste of a buyer, the variety of those beads can be used in craft projects exclusively or in combination of its different types to add visual interest in project. Different Types of Rhinestone Beads The different shapes of rhinestone beads include round, flat round, diamond shaped, cylindrical, teardrop, etc. The round beads are loose ones that have a hole drilled through their centers. This hole allows the thread the beads by yarn, cordsFree Reprint Articles, silk thread or ribbons. These round beads are ideal for many applications but may become inconvenient for bearing weight as they rolls easily. The flat round beads have many applications in craft projects. The simplest one involves use of adhesives which dry clear and make the bead to be attached permanently to both the hard and soft surfaces. The diamond shaped rhinestone beads generally contain flat- backed heads which are attached to the craft projects by adhesives. body piercing jewellery wholesale shaped ring which can be threaded are also available in the market. The bi-cone beads are the cylindrical beads which are significantly narrow toward all ends of the bead and are generally designed to become threaded with wires or cords. These beads are generally used for fringe trims or earring drops for its narrow edge which runs around the center.